London Pace Olympian Style

London's Calling Advert in Paddington

Finding myself with a few days in London, courtesy of having booked for a London Ambassador training event which was cancelled. I sought to make the most of my trip to visit two of the Olympic Games sites: The Olympic Park and The River Zone (posts to follow over next few days / weeks).

But first, after living in the more relaxed City of Cardiff, I had to adjust to the ‘pace’: London Underground, DLR, Thames Clippers, and faster walking…

Digging out my Oyster Card, I was able to add my Disabled Persons Railcard so I’d get further reductions on travel. Games visitors are given a one day Games Travelcard for London transport. However for further sightseeing before or after their Games event they are encouraged to buy a Visitors Oyster Card. This will make travel around London infinitely smoother. If you are a disabled UK resident it is also worth adding your Railcard discount on to you Oyster card as I did (you can do this on the standard Oyster Card, you would need to ask as regards the Visitor Oyster Card). This is the same for Senior, Young and HM Forces Railcard holders.

people waiting for victoria line tube

‘The journey begins the moment you step on the train. Clouds gather queuing for their place in the sky. A year of progression…’ JL 12.01.12


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