Olympic Volunteers

screen shot bbc

I am one of three volunteers interviewed on the BBC News (UK) website today for:

London 2012: What motivates Olympic volunteers?

Talking about being chosen as a London Ambassador. Interesting to hear about other Games volunteers. I will definitely be keeping an eye on the BBC’s 2012 page, full of all the latest information as regards the Olympic and Paralympics!

screen shot bbc olympics 2012 page

Images: cropped screenshot of BBC News article / BBC 2012 page

4 thoughts on “Olympic Volunteers

  1. Hi Juliette, I am a London Ambassador on the South Bank from 29th July to 2nd August working in the evening. When are you working?

    • Hi Lindsay, thanks for your message. Thats great 🙂 but seems like we may miss each other as i’m 2nd – 7th August afternoons. I may be down a day earlier though and if possible will look out for you on the Southbank. Are you looking forward to it too?

      • Hi Juliette, At least we can say hello at the changeover on the 2nd. I only work in Russell Square which is about 20 mins walk from South Bank so we could meet up after one of your afternoon shifts. I had my first training on Friday but there was no one there who was going to be at South Bank but we will meet up with others on the third training session. I am really looking forward to it. I am also going to be a Games Maker during the Paralympics and am on the reserve list for taking part in either the Opening or Closing ceremonies. I decided to go for everything possible as it is a ‘once in a lifetime’ for me.

  2. Hi Lindsay, yes that sounds great to meet then 🙂 I hope the training went well. mines in late March. yes i understand we’ll meet other Southbank team members in the 3rd session, once we get the date 🙂 Wow, thats really interesting that you are involved in so many ways. Yes after visiting the Olympic Park it’ll be a great place to be! A friend of mine is going to be in the opening ceremony too, he’s exited i gather! Keep in touch

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