Crossing The Thames…

Just missed a Thames Clipper

The woman at the ticket booth tries to sort my ticket in time for the Thames Clipper that’s about to leave. But my Disabled Discount isn’t showing on the Oyster Card on my ticket from North Greenwich to Greenwich Pier. I only take one stop, but as I said in my previous post, you can take a Thames Clipper all the way up the Thames to the London Eye.

As I just reach the edge of North Greenwich Pier, the Clipper is raising its boarding platform and off. Just a note, they specifically stick to times, even if they see you coming they will not wait.

So the few of us who were rushing to catch this one relax…


View Across The Thames

… with a beautiful view across the Thames. Well, it’s mainly industrial warehouses but it is just refreshing to see the water, after the built up concrete of London!

Here the Thames Clipper Comes
20 minutes later…

Boat getting closer...

… and we board.

Costa Coffee is also available on the Clippers, which I was pleased to see, as Costa is one of my favourite places. So I indulge in an Earl Grey tea to keep warm.

We twist and turn on the Thames, again passing The O2 at the rivers bend. Before floating down past mostly warehouse type buildings to Greenwich.

On the boat, nearing Greenwich

I would definitely recommend a trip in a Thames Clipper if you are going between Olympic Sites and have some time. Or if as a visitor, you are having a few days for sight-seeing. It provides an interesting alternative to the underground and trains. Here’s a little more about London River Services.

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