South Bank Stroll

The London EYe: Syuth Bank

On my last day in this January trip, before travelling back to Cardiff, I take a stroll along the South Bank. To remind myself of where I will be in the summer and what I may need to start revising! It’s a beautiful winters day just right for a walk.

Living away from London, I am conscious I will need to do more work than others to make sure my knowledge is up to scratch. Although I am told we will have handbooks and guides. It still helps to have grassroot working knowledge of what is around.

The London Eye

The London Eye is the first attraction visible when you approach the South Bank from Belvedere Road, after getting off the tube at Waterloo Station and taking the exit that crosses Belvedere Road via a bridge.

The London Eye is always such an impressive piece of construction. I have yet to take a ride on it but I am told by many that the views on a good day are stunning and you really feel part of London when you are up there. This will definitely be on my list to try out during my ‘revision’!

Jubilee Gardens

Jubilee Gardens, very much like Greenwich front is also a building site. Here it seems Lambeth Council, The Mayor of London, local business and community groups are combining and sprucing up things in a big way. Creating a ‘soft’, ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ park. It has progressed a little as I am now writing this up in May.

Catch this Spin!

And this back flip?

I stumble across a few guys from my favourite act One Motion Crew. They seem down on numbers today but still put on a good show, moving to the beat.

Across to Westminster

Turning around, a quick iconic view in to the sun at Westminster and Big Ben

From Riverside Terrace

… then up on to the South Bank Centre‘s Riverside Terrace for a view directly across to Victoria Embankment Gardens

A Room For London

On top of the Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall there is a boat! It’s A Room for London, a one bedroom installation for 2012 offering ‘guests a place of refuge and reflection amidst the flow of traffic in this iconic location in the capital’. All booked up I believe, unfortunatley…or maybe fortunately, as I am unsure I’d want to be balanced up there in a rain storm!

Walking towards Waterloo Bridge

Continuing on towards Waterloo Bridge

St Pauls Cathedral in the distance...

…it’s getting very cold now but I am enjoying the riverside views, especially spotting St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance.

Sandy Art on the 'beach'!

Just before the OXO Tower Wharf, near to Waterloo Bridge, these guys have carved in to the sand (can you call it sand?) this fabulous and very creative sculpture. Being showered by coins from tourists trying to aim for the carved landing coin space!

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