London Ambassador Module One Training Trip

Day One 28.03.12

just off the Great Western Train

To be able to manage the London Ambasador Module One Training Day on March 30th with ME / CFS, I take a few days up in London. Usually I do the journey from Cardiff and then straight across London, but this time I needed to meet my friend to pick up keys.

Travelling on the tube when you have a disability or heavy baggage can be a hard task. I recommend where possible to use the step free / minimal step stations. Here is the step free guide. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be able to travel where you would wish this way. It seems TFL are working towards making more of their stations step free by 2013 and are keen to get people’s views on their experiences.

Also, if you are struggling getting up steps with bags you can maybe ask a Transport for London Assistant for help, if you can find one which can be hard at times. Or alternatively some one who is also going up the tube steps who looks amenable.

Fortunately this time a girl offers to help me, a nice gesture. Restoring my faith in human nature and Londoners, she says ‘I know what its like, everyone just leaves you too it. Trying to get your bags up the steps!’

fresh peppermint tea

I meet my friend at Carluccio’s in Market Place just off Oxford St, it’s on my way journey wise and I know it’s a place that caters well for wheat & gluten-free diets. They have an extensive menu of wheat & gluten-free pasta options. They are very particular about catering for allergies, which I am impressed to see.

Fortunate for my friend and I it is a glorious sunny day. We get seated in the perfect spot outside, amongst the chatter of Londoners on their lunch break.

Later, wandering back to Oxford Street tube before the rush hour, I enjoy photographing London life on the way…

Leaving the warm March sun, I head off back Underground

… picking up a free London Evening Standard on the way!

My first day back in London with the bustle of travelling, reminds me of how hectic travel is going to be during the Games times. I was made aware by another London Ambassador on Twitter recently of her friend Laura Porter’s blog post on How To Get Around London During The London 2012 Games. Essential reading!

Also Transport for London are encouraging Londoners to take a look at their Get Ahead of The Games Site for planning commuting during this period. Just saw today, on the London Ambassador facebook group, that another London Ambassador, Angela Marshall, posted a link to these photos on the London Evening Standard about ‘free running’ to work during The Games!


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