London Ambassadors PODs Now Open!

This past week the 43 London Ambassador PODs have been opening throughout London! Team London Ambassadors have released the official video above to let Visitors, Londoners and UK Travellers know what London Ambassadors are! Please watch and feel free to share.

Also, here are all our London Ambassador POD locations on the Visit London website (scroll down the page a little to find us all). Particularly the South Bank POD location where I will be based over the Olympics.

We are providing a service as part of a wider team of many volunteers and staff helping to make visitors and Londoners time in London a helpful and friendly one over Games Time: 21st July to 9th September 2012.

Also look out for Games Makers at the Olympic venues themselves, Travel Champions in pink tabards or outfits like ours at the rail and tube stations, Last Mile Marshalls in yellow shirts, helping those with less mobility near the venues, Tourist and Travel Information Staff and many more venue volunteers too throughout London’s sightseeing hotspots and airports!

The below video focuses on the Travel Champions. In the meantime please Get Ahead of The Games!


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