‘A Games By Everyone!’

Mr Olympic Gee

Mr Gee in the Olympic Stadium / Photo courtesy of Mr Gee



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1. What Event/s Did You See?

I went to the stadium to see the Olympic Closing Ceremony and I saw the Men’s Olympic Marathon by Monument Station.

2. Who Did You Go With?

For the closing ceremony I was hanging out backstage with Russell Brand and met up with Ed Sheeran.

I went to see the Marathon by myself.

3. How Did You Get There?

We arrived in a special coach (with the Spice Girls!)

4. What Were Your Highlights?

The highlight of the Closing Ceremony was singing, “Always look on the bright side of life” along with 80,000 people (I also met Eric Idle backstage),

The highlight of the marathon was hearing that Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda had won! (I’m half Ugandan)

5. Did You See Team GB Athletes Compete?

I saw Scott Overall running in the Men’s Olympic Marathon.

6. What Did You Enjoy Most About The Day/s?

After the Closing Ceremony, we went into the centre of the stadium & met athletes from all over the world. I was looking for Mo Farah, but I couldn’t find him.

7. Are You a Seasoned Olympics and Paralympics fan?

I’ve watched many past Olympics on TV, but the fact that this was being held in London made it all the more special. There were so many events happening & the city was buzzing!

8. Were You Inspired To Take Up Sport?

I’m not much of a sporty person, but I have started using the free gym facilities in Wennington Green in Bow.

9. Did You Wear A Tracksuit To The Event?

I wore my Union Jack “Team GB” hoodie to represent!!!

Mr Gee (Poet and Radio Presenter), is the third of my Guest Posts. Over this coming year, I will feature a number of Games Volunteers and Games Visitors talking about their experience of London 2012!

**Lord Sebastian Coe said in his Olympic Closing Ceremony Speech:

“Our opening ceremony proclaimed that these would be a Games for everyone… at our closing ceremony, we can say that these were a Games by everyone.”


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