Module One Training

Casting your mind back to this time last year 2012, I began writing up my London Ambassador Training, starting with Module One. However, the ‘Olympic Experience’ took over. I had to put on hold documenting until now. Last year I got as far as Module One training trip Day 1 and Module One training trip Day 2. So here it continues…

Day 3 – Module One Training 30.03.12

At The Lighthouse

I’m up early to allow myself just over an hour to travel to North Kensington (old style) from the tip of North East London. Something I have to get used to as the distances are far longer here in London, compared to Cardiff. After a walk, a few tubes and another walk, I arrive just after registration starts.

Again we are in The Lighthouse –Terrence Higgins Trust, which makes it easier as I came here for my interview. I know that it is an environment, which is suitable health wise…

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity MCS can make life difficult at times in terms of venues. However, a lady from London Ambassadors has checked through with the venue and they haven’t decorated in the last few month and they offer to air through the room and reduce the amount of cleaning fluids that day.


A full days training comprising mainly of presentations and teamwork exercises. Working in groups is a highlight as getting to meet others is one of my major motivations for being a London Ambassador.

We have a lot of fun as well as absorbing a large amount to information as regards details of what to expect the coming months: our uniform arrangements, POD locations, teamwork, where London Ambassadors fit in to the bigger picture of the Olympic & Paralympic Games.

I come away full of enthusiasm for the work in the summer!

Tube Travel

Finishing a little earlier than expected, as it is a sunny day and feeling happy that I completed the day health wise, I catch the tube to South Bank to remind myself again of the place I will be volunteering…

Spring At South Bank

View across Thames to Big Ben

Strolling along The Thames to Riverside Terrace Cafe for a cuppa, it’s exiting to think I’ll be a part of this in the summer…

Jubilee Gardens

At this stage Jubilee Gardens was still being re-constructed. By the time we volunteered at the Jubilee it was completed… as were the jubiloo’s!

Blue Easter Egg in the Easter Egg Hunt

Lots of these eggs were dotted about London, they were part of the Big Easter Egg Hunt last year. It is happening again this year throughout the UK and in London, just had a February stint and will be back mid March. Keep up on Twitter @Big Egg HuntUK

Blosson on Trees on South Bank Spring 2012

Close up of People relaxing on Riverside Terrace with a drink


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