Photo by Felix Kunze

Photo by Felix Kunze part of the London 2012 Volunteers Project

I’m Juliette Llewellyn, a Cardiff resident volunteering as a London Ambassador for the Olympics 2012 on the Southbank. I’ve had a positive experience of visiting London past years. Recovering from ME/CFS I began to visit my then London-based sister and friends, which was to become instrumental in my recovery. When the opportunity arose to apply to become a London Ambassador I wanted to pass on my enthusiasm to the many cultures who will be visiting London in the 2012 Olympics. I was one of the 8000 accepted in November 2011 and the journey has just begun. This blog will be reflective of my experience as a ‘WelshLondon Ambassador during this unique time!


Mayor of London has chosen 8,000 people who are passionate about London to represent ‘the face of London’ during The Olympic & Paralympic Games 2012. Positioned at 35 key spots around London including tourist attractions, stations, airports, around the Olympic venues, live sites and famous landmarks. London Ambassadors will welcome visitors from all over the world. Helping with travel, sightseeing and Games queries.

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      • Hi Juliette

        I’m covering the Olympics for BBC Radio Wales and will be heading up to London at the weekend. I’m keen to make contact with as many Welsh people involved all aspects of the forthcoming games for various radio features and live interviews. Would you be happy to e-mail me your contact details whilst you’re in London? It would be great to talk to you.

        Kindest regards,



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  2. Hello Ms. Juliette Llewellyn,
    I’m a staff member at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan, engaged in preparation of the volunteering program for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
    I saw your blog about the London Ambassador and am wondering if we could talk a little about it.
    Could I possibly have your e-mail address for correspondence?
    Akiko Miyazawa

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