Cardiff’s Olympic Flame

Olympic Torch Hayes Cardiff

18.56 The Hayes / Tzevai Chong 25.05.12

Ironically I missed the Olympic Torch travelling through Cardiff at the end of May. I was on London Ambassador Module 3 Training in London, which I will be blogging about.

But I managed to enlist help from willing friends and family, taking photos of the Olympic Torch travelling through Cardiff:

Olympic Torch Hayes Cardiff

Olympic Torch Hayes Cardiff Puppets

18.56 The Hayes / Tzevai Chong 25.05.12

Olympic Torch Riverside Cardiff

19.12 Lower Cathedral Road / John & Ceres Bennett 25.05.12

Olympic Torch Culverhouse Cross Cardiff

Olympic Torch Culverhouse Cross

9.00 Tesco Car Park, Culverhouse Cross. Colin Llewellyn 26.05.12

Big thanks to:

Fellow blogger Tzevai Chong @digitalshades Creator & Editor of Sports Blog Dodgy Knees and Dirty Ballslocal Canton friends John & Ceres and my parents Colin & Marjorie.

Olympic Torch Relay Route around UK & you can also follow The Olympic Torch Live Relay via The BBC.


‘Road To 2012’



Photo: Olympics & Paralympics on their way… 13.05.12 Juliette Llewellyn

Caught the National Portrait Gallery / BT Road To 2012 touring photographic exhibition today at Cardiff Bay.

Consisting of over 30 photographic portraits of those working behind-the-scenes of London 2012, alongside renowned athletes.

It’s worth seeing if you’re Cardiffian interested in the Olympics & Paralympics. It’s outside the Millennium Centre until 27 May.

I’ll post a few more photos from this over the next few weeks.