Twilight Olympic Views (from John Lewis/Westfield)

Westfield Bridge

Onwards from Pudding Mill Lane to Stratford Station I am about to head home when I remember my friends Mum telling me the best views were from the “Olympic Shop in Westfield.” I follow the signs via a bridge, finding myself in a huge shopping complex. I discover that the ‘Olympic Shop’ is in John Lewis, right at the other end of Westfield, a long walk….

2012 Viewing Platform Westfield

Passing the Westfield 2012 Viewing Platform on the way, my first glimpse of the Aquatic Centre…

Finally, I reach John Lewis, who I learn are the Official Department Store Providers to the Olympic Games  and also offering Local Community Grants in the lead up. Up to the 3rd floor, I finally locate their London 2012 Olympic Shop. Just in time as I was about to give up on finding it and go home. But I am extremely glad I didn’t as the views are fantastic giving me time for reflection…

‘That’s a view! We’ve come at the right time. Twilight.’ Visitor

Aquatic Centre, The Orbit from John Lewis

Olympic Park, Water Polo Arena from John Lewis

‘Sun streaks across Olympiad sky. Birds fly North. Aquatic swoop as night falls. Caterpillar rises. Floating centre stadium floodlights poised. Grey silhouettes blue to orange to pink. Liverpool St Gherkin in distant skyline. Flourescent jacketed workmen trail over bare wasteland. Weary from the day.’ JL 13.01.12

Olympic Park Diagram - John Lewis

This is the moment I truly feel proud to have made it in life. To have got well to the point of being accepted to represent London in the Games and being able to do it. When I was housebound for years this would have been only in my dreams.

I am here now because I am a London Ambassador. I have been chosen to represent this city. It is becoming my city too.

As a local also Canton based Cardiff friend said, ‘Your torch may not be the one everyone sees, you are still carrying the Canton light… Brilliant.’

Olympic Stadium, Water Polo Arena from John Lewis