First views of Olympic Park

Olympic Park Gate 14 signOlympic Stadium - River LeaHackney Wick

The most enduring legacy of the Olympics will be the regeneration of an entire community for the direct benefit of everyone who lives there. London 2004 Bid to hold the Olympics

GraffitiOlympic Park - River LeaRiver Lea - Hackney Wick

After reading Lonely Planet Magazine, my first views of the Olympic Park were from Hackney Wick. Getting off the station I wandered through the back streets of graffitied industrial warehouses – a juxtaposition with the image of sleek Olympian athletes. This is along the South West side of the Olympic Park but most of the Games visitors will enter via the North to North West side through Stratford / Stratford International Rail Stations (photos to come of my views from here). Although, I passed Gate 14 being constructed on my way down to the river. Through the fence the Olympic Park was a hive of industrial activity with yellow-hatted workmen driving back and forth in huge trucks. There is still a lot of work to do, if you look at the photo of Old Ford Lock 19 – River Lea

Olympic Park Construction Site SignRiver Lea - Hackney WickOlympic Park Construction SiteGraffitiBoat on River Lea - pollutedOlympic Stadium - River Lea